Sunday, June 26, 2016

Well, I'm back...again - HELLO BLOG


Cause I can.
No truer words did any parent or adult ever utter.

So, for anyone interested in what I have been up to lately, I'm back.
Been working, working, working, slaving... like a dog.
But this... this is my TRUE love. Writing to you. There wherever you may be: in your home/work/ luxury style apartment/ tent in the middle of no where.

Just for you.

Now that this exciting news has been broadcast, I will be doing a series of blog posts on, AMAZINGLY, places I have actually wandered TO from home. WOW.


Ok. Catch up time. Hope y'all are good... yes, good? ...Ok, good.

Love ya all, without you I am just 8 fingers and 2 thumbs looking solemnly into cyberspace, awaiting excitingly for your inevitable unwilling relentless return to my weird, but fun, page.

Oh. How I've missed you!


Thanks and take care.

~Ciao, mon bel petit,

Caro B.

City on the SPOT: Naples, FL - BOY, Though LOVELY... I'm Bored!

Naples, Florida.
The Italian-named jewel of the Southwest Coast of Florida.
The Retirement Capital of the US for the old, rich, or both.

Ah Yes, Naples is very family friendly for the most part.
Very nice. Very lovely. Very..., er... Beachy. - Live Web cam courtesy of
LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort
9891 Gulf Shore Drive, Naples, FL 34108
RESERVATIONS: 800-237-6883 HOTEL DIRECT: 239-597-3123 ~ Live web cam courtesy of
Sun Realty: Graham Ginsberg
3757 Tamiami Trail North, 34103, Naples Fl Tel:239-404-4221

Like any city, there are some areas more desirable than others, and no, despite any articles to the idea, the streets are NOT paved in gold.
However, they are very clean in comparison to some other area cities.  Punta Gorda gulf area might be comparable to in cleanliness. Port Charlotte is nice, but dull. Immokalee is growing, but besides the Seminole Casino, kinda far from... everything else.

Some areas are prone to some crime, such as theft and vandalism, but you do not hear about it often, and when you do... it's big local news. Areas like Marco Island, Ava Maria, Port Richey... hardly any real crime. That you hear of locally, anyways. There is big money and subsequently, big lawyers/ law firms.

So. NOT. New York City.
More like Manhattan, eh Upper New York State. Parts of New Jersey, minus shore smell. Elizabethtown comes to mind.

Much more friendly than some parts of Fort Myers, which is our next closest big city. Although I have found that some residents in Lee county area (Bonita Springs, Estero, San Carlos) can be equally, if not MORE friendly, there are many areas of Naples that still have that down-home, slightly country feel that makes you welcome to walk in and hang about for a while.
 Especially any dive bar. The one of Pine Ridge Road, for example.


The Naples area boasts many elementary, middle and high schools to choose from; my best suggestion is to contact the schools personally and vet them as if your student already attends the school. Skip all the fluff, get to the real facts.

Some things to keep in mind: If you are looking for a very active city, with lots of family-friendly activities, and tons to do every weekend - I would be looking in a different area. Unless you LOVE (and I do mean - LOVE A LOT) many watersports, as it boasts an ENDLESS variety; Fishing, skiing, scuba diving, boating, fishing, jet skiing, swimming, and did I mention?

Not. My. Forte`.

It does have some annual and holiday/festive activities, mind you; however, I would judge the level of activity based on your preferences and level of busyness you currently enjoy. There is a zoo, a kid's museum, a lovely park in downtown area, several parks actually... some fantastic beaches (once you live here, you may not visit as often, AKA= THE HEAT INDEX) , a waterpark (open most of year-not all) and BUNCHES AND BUNCHES of shopping areas.
More MY speed.

The central mall is Coastland Center, and next is closest is only about 20-30 minutes North, out of Naples, depending on traffic.
The most active and newest shopping center out of the bunch is Mercato, which is centrally located off of Highway US 41, AKA Tamiami Trail North, AKA 9th St North in Naples (yes, it goes by several names, this road.)
Well, anyways, hope this helps a bit in your search. It really is a quiet, nice place to rest your head and know the kiddos are all right.

Anyways, my little blogga-dos, I will check in again. See how are ya holding up.
I'm alright. Just. HOT.

Have a lovely air-conditioned summer, y'all.

~ Vous petit- Cherie,
Caro B.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

LOOOONG Time , No? - Yes, well, ... time to come back

SO . My little bloggers. My bloggerdom! Oh , how I have missed you!

{Hearing gasps... no wait. Is that disbelief I hear??}

Yes, my pretties. I'M BACK.
With a renewed vengeance.

Well, vengeance is such a HARSH word.
Let's call it - determination.
Ah, yes.
That'll do, bloggies, that'll do.

I have been enjoying a lot of reading, and not so much the ever present work. Presently, I have been trying to read more for personal growth and less for necessity, but needs win out.

 But, needs must, and well, I don't really need to explain.
Hey, that's why some of us are here, after all.
To escape.
To get away from the norm.
The hum-drum, the absolute of the world. 

But for a time, that involved doing that which I most enjoyed : 
playing music.

YES, mon petit curios, I do play music.
Not your atypical , ROCK AND ROLL. Nor HIP-HOP.
Nor any funky, over-processed, electronic shit.
Just plain old, good-time, fun, get you up and dance or sing.
Or think.
Like this book I was reading.

OH, my other true passion : READING.
I'm such a nerd. And a geek. But that's why you love,, like,... um, tolerate me so .

Enjoy, my lovely wanderers. For I will be back for more.

Your petit écrivain

Monday, June 27, 2011


Is a wonderful thing...

Is beautiful....

Is crazy and amazing all at once...

Makes you soar, makes you weep, makes you laugh for no reason....

Other than being ultimately happy.....

How happy?

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<This Much!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So that you never want to come down from that high.
And even when things go haywire...
Even when things go wrong...

Even when plans don't go, well... as planned, and my mind is foolish...

Stupid, silly, happy, amazing love...
Always finds a way of making things right.

Because it's real.
And perfect.

Even when I don't always feel that way.

So.... thank you.

OK. I promised to get some sleep... lol yeah. Just had to say this tonight.
I miss my smiling sweetheart... want to see your smile again soon.

Ok, goodnight.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Borrowing vs Having something new to say

Oh, Bloggerdom.


What-EVER are we to do with lil ol' me?

I'm fighting off the inevitable, with a silly straw and a spork. They are very poor weapons, I know. It really REALLY isn't going well for me.
I'm thinking I need to stop trying so hard to escape it, and start cultivating it.

Unlike my garden.

It's a MESS. Waaaay too many weeds, and I think the aloe vera plants have mutated... they're everywhere.


I digress.

(Hope your minds didn't wander into a gutter somewhere.... no, not THAT type of garden, ... sheesh, I'd have to change my rating, wouldn't I?)

{Eh, maybe it's just my mind that wandered... lol}

I just want to know, what the hell. Why can't I get through that I'm not a constant worrier to someone who apparantly LOVES to worry?

It's not enough that the worrying is fraying my nerves, but .... I actually appreciate his concern. It's morever, when I am OK, just DANDY, ...

--FINE, even--

that I'm asked, "What's wrong?"
Then my mind starts to wonder....



Where do I really stand in all this? Not ON this, I know how I feel about my Brit, Mr. Grin; it's more a question of asking him,

"Am I getting through to you, or are you stuck on one idea?"

Let me clarify.

Dears, I've said this before...

Don't try to be someone else for me... and don't push your idea of ME unto ME.

That is, if you only show someone one side of your personality long enough, that's who you are to them. So that when you get to know someone, THAT'S who they know, THAT'S who they relate to...even if it isn't the WHOLE picture. This is especially tricky if you get to know someone while you are still trying to get things sorted.

Then something changes, and you start to act just like YOU... no ideal smiles, no hiding the emotional roll or toll you may be on, ... sometimes, you wanna cry, and rant, and be sad...rather THAN sparing them for their sake, you are naturally you....THEN things get complicated.

So, why do we ALWAYS have a tendency of trying to convince someone that they are acting "strange, different,... distant" ? Why not just, oh , I DON'T KNOW, listen?

Realize that sometimes, it's not them that's acting strange or different.

You just... didn't really want to see that part of them before.

I liked this phrasing I read, although it was in Spanish and I've had to translate it. I believe that it was originally phrased in English anyway...


You have six smiles.

-Who does?


Didn't you know that?....


You have six smiles...

One for when something genuinely made you laugh,...and one when it is just as a courtesy.

One for when you feel embarrassed,... and one when you are laughing at yourself.

One when something has surprised you,... and one for when you think of...

-Of what?

Of him.

My special smile...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I can't get enough poetry...- or- WHEN did I become such a sap?

AH, Poetry. It's cheesy; it's classy. It's sometimes a little crassy....especially in lymeric form.

But you know what, Bloggerdom?

I would take a bet... nay, I would gander that any of you ALL would not mind it ONE EENSY WEENSY BIT to get a love poem from someone you care about. And more so, when you are still in a "lovey dovey" mood, or the inevitable:

"Oh-MY-GOD--Too-damn-cute-that-I-might-hurl" stage. That's the stage where everyone around you yeah. You guessed it: if they don't love ya, they'd feel like punching you.

Mr. Grin (see last post) , as I will refer to my sweet Brit, has me feeling this way...mmm... by the way, I LOVE his voice. Let's just say, he's from Liverpool, and well... haha.... I would never have thought that anything better than the Beatles could have come from that part of England. That, AND a pretty kick ass soccer team. OH. Oops. Sorry!
He'd correct me for that.

And I love how he calls me "hottie".


I get this email saying that he loves me, but it's in this form:


It's Amazing...

How one person can change your life

How a smile from you can erase everything bad

How life seems less scary when you're holding my hand.

It's Phenomenal...

How fate brings two strangers together

How I survived before I knew you

How, whenever I'm with you it's like a great new adventure.

It's Beautiful...

How love can be so unconditional

How learning about you is like reading my favorite story.

How loving you is so easy.

And I'm so thankful...

That I'm able to know this



Beautiful person

And because...


I know, it's not original... hell, he even admits to it! SO I'm not being duped into thinking that the poem is just the result of his heated imagination thinking of me... but...

And there's always a 'but'....

He does put in an effort.

Hmmm... I think I'm going to have to reevaluate my previous skeptism about men who use poetry to woo a woman... since I've already been 'wooed' , he just sweetens the deal.

Ciao, ma bella cosas.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Okay... :-}

Haha, yeeeeaah. You can guess, Dear Bloggerdom...

Since I'm grinning like a fool.

I have that feeling.

That very funny, serious feeling....

Deeep down inside.... as a
Woman ... I neeed this... oh my.

My, my... dammit.

Why does it feel so good, and yet worries me endlessly?
Why, oh why do you keep doing this to me, Cupid...
You can be such a bitch.

You made me feel... and now ... what?


Floating up in the clouds...
Endlessly daydreaming...


There's a good reason for the "grr."
IF you know... yeah. If you know...
The road has been paved with tears and fears...
It hasn't been easy to let go , and yet...

I can see that your eyes... sparkling... looking so lovingly into mine...
So filled with the love, reflecting that inner warmth...
Still have questions.

You should be worried.

YOU and I both.