Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh, Cinco de Mayo, upon us once again...

Hello, my precious Bloggerdom. How's it? You holding up okay?

I know-- I haven't called, or texted... I haven't even sent a card lately... very inconsiderate. I apologize; truly.
You are like my small bundle of joy that I've watched develop and grow,... and finally rebel and decide to move out on your own, maybe get a few tatooes and body piercings, and end up owing over $10,000 in debt. It's easy to see why we only associate on the holidays. But somehow, I still love you. Why? It's just ... so hard to let go. :-}

So let's eat and drink, be merry and celebrate.
Cinco de Mayo!
Hey hey! .....Corona?


I'm not Mexican. Let's just set the record straight now... I don't even remotely look like any of my guy's second-cousins-once removed. I have not had any 'Mexican in me', as one crass and rather tackless man had suggested, and neither do I want to. Well, hmm, unless... there's someone beautiful I know who's part Mexican, if the timing was right, decided.... well, *ahem*.

'Nuff of that... can only lead to trouble.

Which I'm good at. GREAT, actually.

Pretty awesome.

I digress though...

This holiday, though, has nothing to do with Mexico and a celebration of life. It has more to do with yet another excuse for the AMERICAN (U.S.) public to go drinking, eat spicy foods, and dance until our legs fall off... or very near to it. Which I have NO problem doing at any time! :)
It's been a while since I've gotten out and enjoyed the nightlife on any made-up/trumped-up holiday; I may very well get hammered. But on the plus side, I have also been doing very well losing weight and keeping it off. I looked at photos of myself from 2007 and could not believe how different I look now. It's one thing to hear someone else say it, but when you can really see the weight difference for yourself, it can be a shock.

Spicy dishes are not the easiest for me to stomach, but as long as I don't go overboard, I like dishes with cumin, black pepper, ginger, jalepeno, and cilantro-not really a 'spicy' spice, but careful not to overdo it either- so that even boring chicken breast can be delicious. They really 'push things along the digestive track', if you get my drift. And that's one of the keys, besides exercise, that helps it melt off... you have to be nice to your insides too!
So, I'm doing all that I can to make sure that the 'long overdue removal of extra babyweight ' , (L.O.R.E.B. for short?) does not make a re-appearance. This Self site has been very helpful to start my track on losing those first stubborn 10 pounds, and I'm down a couple dress sizes. Getting slowly back to my weight from my twenties is much harder said than done, now that I am in my thirties (firmly fixing my mind towards looking good for July) , but the work is worthwhile. I feel stronger, healthier, more willing to get things done or just go out and do them.

Smaller me + more energy = even MORE energy when I go dance tonight! Woo! :D

Please, drink responsibly if you decide to go out tonight... if you stay home, have an extra one for me.
One tequila,... two tequila... something 'bout the floor? *KONK!*



Spiky Zora Jones said...

Caro baby...You must have posted when I left for a little bit.

I liked your post. It was awesome and playful. I cracked iup on the Mexican in you part. Seems my ex is Mexican American and he always said that about me..that I had Mexican in me. Thing is, I already before he came into my life. :)

later keep writing. I've missed it. (((MWUAH)))

Emile said...

Absolutely it's about drinking! Ariba! Drink up!

me said...

jazz really your thing???? if so ...kudos!

tehkorah said...

@The BEautiful Ms Jones: Yeah, posting when you left for a while.. haha, I kinda noticed that... hmm. What was that all about, eh? I'll try not to be so inconsiderate in the future, but honey, you gotta give a girl some warning. I know I have better intuition than the boys, but ;)

Trying to change up the posts a bit.. they might not all be so playful, but hey, alcohol, eh... it does help some. lol
And I knew about the bit where you are part Mexican hun...(hint hint) :D

@EPIC: IT IS DEFINITELY ABOUT THE DRINKING... I'm sorry, am I too loud? Must have been the Coconut Rum...

@F1Trey: Hey, smartie-too-hottie, yep I do. It's almost sick sometimes the things I will do to try to listen to my music while I'm working. Frankly, Pandora and YouBoob can help only so much... then I HAVE to resort to CDs built up over the last decade.
But after the post, it was throwing me off a bit... like saying, hmm, where did I mention that in the post?? Oh, yeah, lol , right ... that's where you got it from... you actually READ those???

Awesome. ;)