Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How to Make People *Interested* in Your Post

Thiz iz NOT complicated psychology! No!

Zee answer iz much simplier than you might think, Bloggerdom.

My discussion recently with an associate online revealed to me some fundamental rules that I have been missing recently; which is summed up as:

(Or, rather, no one in general is taking time to delve into the real meat of anything.)

Not really.

So, we came up with an interesting theory and put our hypothesis to the test.
Seems the results are conclusive.

Time and again, I see vlogs and vids and insta posts garnering the most attention, using similar approaches.

#1 Get a cute puppy
#2 Start each vlog post with cute puppy
#3 Get to the "important/good stuff/CONTENT", while keeping cute puppy closeby
#4 End with clear pic of cute puppy
... I would say cats of that's your thing, but NOT mine (kinda allergic!)

OR cute kid. Or your fav celebrity. Or. Or. Whatever.

Here's what I don't get: where the hell ARE real people anymore???
Is there ANY real discussion nowadays?

Thoughts? Comments?
Anybody out There??

Ciao for now bellas,


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