Thursday, September 24, 2015

LOOOONG Time , No? - Yes, well, ... time to come back

SO . My little bloggers. My bloggerdom! Oh , how I have missed you!

{Hearing gasps... no wait. Is that disbelief I hear??}

Yes, my pretties. I'M BACK.
With a renewed vengeance.

Well, vengeance is such a HARSH word.
Let's call it - determination.
Ah, yes.
That'll do, bloggies, that'll do.

I have been enjoying a lot of reading, and not so much the ever present work. Presently, I have been trying to read more for personal growth and less for necessity, but needs win out.

 But, needs must, and well, I don't really need to explain.
Hey, that's why some of us are here, after all.
To escape.
To get away from the norm.
The hum-drum, the absolute of the world. 

But for a time, that involved doing that which I most enjoyed : 
playing music.

YES, mon petit curios, I do play music.
Not your atypical , ROCK AND ROLL. Nor HIP-HOP.
Nor any funky, over-processed, electronic shit.
Just plain old, good-time, fun, get you up and dance or sing.
Or think.
Like this book I was reading.

OH, my other true passion : READING.
I'm such a nerd. And a geek. But that's why you love,, like,... um, tolerate me so .

Enjoy, my lovely wanderers. For I will be back for more.

Your petit écrivain

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