Thursday, June 9, 2011

I can't get enough poetry...- or- WHEN did I become such a sap?

AH, Poetry. It's cheesy; it's classy. It's sometimes a little crassy....especially in lymeric form.

But you know what, Bloggerdom?

I would take a bet... nay, I would gander that any of you ALL would not mind it ONE EENSY WEENSY BIT to get a love poem from someone you care about. And more so, when you are still in a "lovey dovey" mood, or the inevitable:

"Oh-MY-GOD--Too-damn-cute-that-I-might-hurl" stage. That's the stage where everyone around you yeah. You guessed it: if they don't love ya, they'd feel like punching you.

Mr. Grin (see last post) , as I will refer to my sweet Brit, has me feeling this way...mmm... by the way, I LOVE his voice. Let's just say, he's from Liverpool, and well... haha.... I would never have thought that anything better than the Beatles could have come from that part of England. That, AND a pretty kick ass soccer team. OH. Oops. Sorry!
He'd correct me for that.

And I love how he calls me "hottie".


I get this email saying that he loves me, but it's in this form:


It's Amazing...

How one person can change your life

How a smile from you can erase everything bad

How life seems less scary when you're holding my hand.

It's Phenomenal...

How fate brings two strangers together

How I survived before I knew you

How, whenever I'm with you it's like a great new adventure.

It's Beautiful...

How love can be so unconditional

How learning about you is like reading my favorite story.

How loving you is so easy.

And I'm so thankful...

That I'm able to know this



Beautiful person

And because...


I know, it's not original... hell, he even admits to it! SO I'm not being duped into thinking that the poem is just the result of his heated imagination thinking of me... but...

And there's always a 'but'....

He does put in an effort.

Hmmm... I think I'm going to have to reevaluate my previous skeptism about men who use poetry to woo a woman... since I've already been 'wooed' , he just sweetens the deal.

Ciao, ma bella cosas.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

sweetie...looking what is in someone's heart?

the words can be silent. It's in the eyes...the smile on the the kiss. and in the vibes you get from his heart.

you're in love baby


Ciao xxx

tehkorah said...

<3 I am, and all the more a fool for it... but (*sigh*) I cannot help my damned romantic nature.

After all, Spiky, how easy did I fall for you, amore? Hmmm? ;)

It's moreover that I have found someone so like myself that I am finding it difficult to say no...

To many things. :">

Oooh la la

Ciao, bella cosa ...