Saturday, June 20, 2009

When the stars find a line ... sometimes things go right

Well, Bloggerdom. Are you tired of my ranting yet? Yeah, me too.

So, ok. Let's look, (sing the diddy with me) on the "bright side of life"..... (whistling) dee dee, dee-dee dee-dee dee-dee.
Come on, you know you wanna....Always look on the bright side of life....
Ah, Monty Python. And Iron Maiden. Two things that make me smile.


Too much?....., yeah. It's late. Nothing substantial from me today. Just nonsense.

Hey we all need different muses.
I've finally lost it.
It feels like a head rush wrapped in mush.
Sleep... sleep... insomnia.... no... sleep...


Spiky Zora Jones said...

caro've had too much Mountain Dew. That stuff is bad bad for you.

Hey I have a real life story for you...My neice just turned 5 and she spends a lot of time with us...because we love her and we are her fave aunties. She has toys and a her room we have for her. My little guy was pushing his cousins Disney tea carter (we spoil her) hense...maybe that's why we are her fave aunties. I am not above buying affection. hehehe.
Anyay on the cart rode one of my niece's dolls.

Little man wore my black heels. What a sight. He put the doll in the bad corner(where he usually sits when he has time-out for being bad. Well when he put the doll there he pointed at it and said 'bad bad baby'...then pretended to count to 30.

It was cute but disturbing at the same time. When he bites or scratches or throws a fit he was set in the corner to teach him those things aren't the way to behave. He stopped biting and scratching so I guess it worked.

The cute part was him walking through with the cart...the disturbing part is...Hey, those are $350 heels not toys. hehehehe

Take care sweetie. You vent anytime you want.

ciao chica. xxx

tehkorah said...

All kids are a bit kooky. It's what makes them so darn cute! I have to admit... I miss the times that she was so little and did things like that without realizing it. "It was cute but disturbing at the same time." Don't worry about it.

Cunning_Linguist said...

Monty Python and Iron Maiden..... that's an acid trip I never want. I can't even imagine.

tehkorah said...

Well, I was lacking sleep. Never tried acid, probably not my generation kinda high. lol
But next time you have an acid trip you let us know just how that goes for you, k?