Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is the question?

What is it about life that make everyone question ... well, life?
Is it really all about what the "meaning is"?
Are we just out to justify ourselves?
Is it all that bad??
What about our lifes makes us think we can not be just happy?
I have heard that question asked so many times in My Life, that it seems to lose its meaning... "What is the meaning of life?" ... ugh.
Are we all pretend Buddhist monks?
Why are we so focused on the meaning and not on the quality?
It just makes me wonder... what if we all started to ask ourselves about the quality, and not just the meaning... who would benefit?
I need more quality in mine.... it needs more people, more importance, more, ...well, life.
And I need a frappucino, haven't had one of those in a long time, and FL is damn hot this time of year....


Spiky Zora Jones said...

hehehe. Hi sweetie. i thnk you are right. happy life is what we want and need.

It's hot there right now huh? I was in South Beach once and as I stepped out of the glasses fogged up. WTF...I thought I had suddenly lost eyesight. talk about hot and humid...

I'll have a frap with yah. Um...better yet make mine burbon on ice...leave the bottle. Woo!

I want to be in your life...pick me...pick me. I promise to add to your life and it will never be boring. Come on...we have traveling to do...places to go and people to meet.

hey...I get like that too. I think sometimes I just need to go out and let lose. I wish you were at the last party. It was so fun...

Tell me babe...what's on your mind...there's more you aren't saying. Email me if you want.

you my dear friend...take care of you. i'll be back t o check on you. XXX
ciao honey.

tehkorah said...

Hun, it gets so hot down here, you can forget about the fogged up glasses, your whole head gets wet with the hot humid weather.
And just when you hear the wind coming and think "Oh, good... a little breeze...", you get this BLAST of hot air in your face!
Yea! Hot wind! Woohoo!

I had to laugh when you said bourbon on ice, I thought you meant you wanted a bourbon frappucino... hehe, talk about branching out the whole "barista" aspect!

You want me to be more in your life? I'll be at the airport by 2, come and pick me up, querida! Ha ha... no really. ;)
I bet that party was kickin' since you were there, darlin'.... would have loved to have been there.

Yeah, there is a lot going on, just didnt want to get anyone down on my negative vibes; it's unhealthy and sometimes I just need to work it out. I'll make sure to email you dear, I just had been a little sick last week ( fora few days actually, in and outta bed) and haven't talked to anyone but my hubby...

I think he was getting a little sick of hearing how achy I was, since he literally told me:

"Ok, look. Get the hell outta bed and go outside. Get some sunshine. Try not to pass out there and get sunburned."

Yeah, I know... you can tell he loves me. ;)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

caro: hahaha...your hubby sounds like my girl. I think I'm more like you.when I'm sick...i just like to stay in bed and sleep. I don't want to be bothered...just let me lay there in my misory and don't make me talk...usually too tired and sick to talk. hehehe.

To tell the truth...I like colder weather. I like Oregon and Washington...Northern coastal California is good too. But every once in a while...I'd like to go to Miami. Woo.

sweetie...get yourself better. get out of bed when you feel good and get some fresh air. I'm on vacay next week...woo hoo! I'm spending time on the thinks.

And work out what it is that is on your mind and life. Things have been busy with me too...It's late to bed everynight this past week. I'm so looking forward to catch up on my sleep.

Just know I care about you.
Cool kisses and hugs I'll send your way. Oh and don't forget to put your bra and oanties in the freezer for a bit...that's one way to cool off. it works...I've done it. hehehe.

You're smiling...i hope. xxxooo
Ciao honey

tehkorah said...

Yeah... you do sound like I do when I'm sick; just give me some tea and let me

I agree, colder weather comes around (you know, for like, 2 weeks lol) and I really enjoy it.

When I go up north during the fall, it's the best. Oh, I miss the leaves turning, the wind getting crisper, the change of seasons...
This area... it's like everyday is evergreen-day.

The grass, the trees, everything... I mean, yeah, i can understand the allure to those that don't see it all year. But being here... ugh. More golf courses than you can imagine too.

I'm better now, I'm getting some sun, and I hope you are enjoying your vacay this week.

And thanks for caring about me. I care for you too querida. Don't make me hug you with my frozen bra. ;)