Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mockingbird, Mockingbird...WHY oh why do I hear you now??

Do You know when you get that beautiful, quiet, serene moment when you feel like you can get so much done? It might not happen often, but it just needs to happen once....
No one is bugging you for your opinion on a trivial matter (sigh contentedly); night might be settling in and the world is shutting down (light trickle of rain popping on the tin roof of the patio porch sounds oh so nice) , preparing for another busy day just seems so far away that you let yourself relax?
It just feels so nice to have some time to myself....
---- and then suddenly there is this BIRD outside at 2:00 AM. Just SINGING away. And it won't go away?!? Tell me...

~~ Why, oh why, do I hear you RIGHT NOW Mockingbird???~~

It's not morning... no one is "attacking" ya dam nest. SO what the hey?!
And it's not just any ol' bird folks... oh no.
Couldn't be a lovely blue jay just saying<(think Justin Timberlake whispering...)
"Hey, we might be getting some rain tonight... just thought you folks should know... have a pleasant evening... (sweet melody)..."

Oh, no no. Not this one.

Ever complain about those wonderful little alarm devices in cars that go off sporadically? Try having a little mimicker outside your window that knows that tune all too well, singing it happily over and over for you, just you... because no one else is awake to hear it belt out:

AAARRRGH! Just for that I'm wishing the neighborhood cats will come back around and find you. Then we'll see who will be singing a happy-dappy lil' ol' tune, my feathered-fiendish foe.

hehe... oh gad, sleep-deprivation. No, please mockingbird, do be quiet soon. I need to rest.

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