Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boys, men, and those "things" in between...

Well, ahem, hello again sugars. Damn computers will drive me insane... but Good to be back!
Inappropriate raising of arms, refusing to salute Nixon-style...

Ok, you naughty nellies, what have you been into... I mean, UP to? ;)
So, yes, I am returning to my favorite medium after a LOOOONG stretch, and I feel a little better. Less one "grudge-ling" on my shoulder, which is always a weight off.
Now, to get rid of about 200 pounds of ... oh, right. Let me get back to what I'm here for, mm, bloggers?

In my travels, I've come to a very long-awaited understanding of things which I should have been aware of long ago. After all, for a woman of my age (lordie, just thinking that made me feel older) I should have realised this much sooner, but being a person that has tried to shed the last remnants of naitivity, and being unable to do so easily, I gave to much credit where it was not due. Much to my unneeded lament, I have had to learn the truth the hard way. Has it made me tougher? Maybe,... at heart I'm still a softie, but I've learned to also protect the one organ that can't seem to protect itself. Despite all the rib cage, and whatnot.

Therefore, I have come to certain inalienable conclusions, which I will impart to you here.
After all, isn't this why you love me so? ;)

Yes, well, here it is... I don't like to categorize men, but unfortunately (for them) they tend to do things that cause women to make the same conclusions that I have made. There are times which, albeit not within their own conscience knowledge, that they also have a tendency of mixing and crossing over these categories. With that said, I have come to see the male of our diverse and complicated, yet all so inevitable, species as falling within these three simple categories:

There are Boys.
There are Men.
Then, there are...haha... yeah, you guessed it.

Why is it so simple?
I cannot fault boys for being boys... we have all seen it firsthand. Youth provides two things without thought: the ability to be active, and the ability to be boundlessly idiotic. Just plain stupid. So why should I be angry at a boy being a boy? When a boy is no longer a young man. Because then, you really don't have an excuse to be stupid... you're just being mean, spiteful, ignorant, or refuse to accept your own faults. Let's get one thing straight. When a man insists that he's just a boy at heart, please don't confuse this for wanting to be young... unless it pertains to sports or a car. Because it usually means, "Um, it's not my fault that I've done what I've done, especially if I hurt you; that responsibility will fall to someone else because I can't be bothered to be a man." The fact is, we all grow up, and if you refuse to accept responsibility for your own life, then it doesn't matter if you want to blame everyone else. They have all moved on...

Men, real men, can be absolute dears. Wonderful. Fantastic. Yummy.... um,... smart. Funny. Interesting. Realistic. Focused. Complicated, yet amazingly, all at the same time, talented in appearing completely uncomplicated.
Just not enough words to describe how great a real man is...

Hmm, ... well... some men might have a problem with my post, but hell, if you are men, then this post really is not for you... it's for you other lot that seem to skim by the surface of life, infecting and needlessly pestering women with your incessant need to create turmoil, conflict, and strife. Yes, you "other", if you could have been bothered to read this far... I'm looking right at you.

Don't make me come over there... and no, it won't be fun. Or good.
I have a heavy hand, and I know how to use it.
Pointed stare I'm keeping an eye on you lot.

But I'm sure that if you are a man, and you made it this far, thank you. I congratulate you (needlessly, cause you know you're just that damn awesome).



I am beginning to wonder if any of them grow up and if in fact they do have cooties after al!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hiiiii baby. A man...a real man is wonderful. and those that fake it...are fools.

And I don't suffer fool well.

loved your post.

tehkorah said...

Uber: Yes, I wonder about that with some men (hence the post)... others have shown me that they can and do claim responsibility for the things they do, even if they claim to be young at heart.
See, there's presedence for both categories to be displayed well. It's just the "others" that are irresponsible that spoil it for the few guys...men that are both fun to be around and know how to be kind, funny, and smart.

As far as the cootie problem... I believe at this point it's less cootie and more like STD's.
I'm just sayin'. ;)

tehkorah said...

Spiky (all I can think of is high heels, grr-rowr): Hhiiiii-eee, tee-hee!;)
I don't suffer fools... anymore. I did, and then realized, I'm suffering needlessly.
As always, thank you mama for stopping by... I like it.
I like it a lot.
I like you. :D
A lot.