Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sorry Bloggerdom... Can you SEE me now??

I have to apologize.... for my Internet connection issues. It's like a bad relationship with someone that you know you shouldn't be with, but you continue to put up with for lack of having someone else to turn to... and when you finally get into that other "great" relationship that you know is just what you need, it only gets worse. So much for looking forward to better service...

Hey Service Provider: What do I need to do to get some REAL service around here?
*Flashes more than just a smile*

I know that it's my responsibility to return when I stated that I would. I should not try to make a commitment without confirming with my service provider. Such a tight leash that I am on...
Still trying to figure out--why there are times that I can connect and seem like I have no problems, then be completely disconnected the next? Funny how MAAN put it, and I'll apologize beforehand if it's not an exact quote: the day when we no longer have computer connection issues is the day when we can all connect on a psychic level.

In that case, I shall try to make do without getting fired for thinking indiscrete thoughts before an online meeting.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

yeah...sometimes I have no idea why I can't get on the internet.
At work it's nice and easy but of course I can't see certain porn. :)

So send naked pics of you bonita to me asap. hehehe. the doctor said I really need it to...
*Cough cough*

not buying it huh? hehehe

sweetie babe...I'll coem here when you can and do post porque usted tiene mi corazón.

later chula...e besos para ti.xxxx

tehkorah said...

Querida, I totally understand... it always bites when you can't get your porn on. My problem is also that I take online classes, so not getting on is reeaally killing my grades! *sigh*

... I could live if I could also get my "special vids"...uh, I mean vitamins. Yeah.

If sending pics of myself in the buff will keep you well and healthy, then by all means... oh see, you almost had me. You should have run with it. ;)

Tu tambien tienes un pedaso de mi corazon, y no faltaras de tener mi imaginacion en fuegos. ;*
Grr, baby. Grr.

Clyde said...

Oh, hang on---so I can make request for naked photos and as long as I am sick, there is a chance that I might get them--that's you and the lovely Miss Jones---ok, well I'm off to the doctor to get a medical certificate to produce to you.
Oh, and I just paid $5.00 to update my downloads from 5g to 10g

Cunning_Linguist said...

Gotta love that MAAN, always wise words.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

chica...besitos para ti chula.
xxxxxxxx. :)


Cunning_Linguist said...

Why do I always hear Ricky Ricardo in my head when anybody speaks Spanish?

Hey..... babaloo to you all!

tehkorah said...

@Cunning: Because you are a typical gringo. That's why.
But don't worrrrrry, we won't fault you for that. Just think about a hot latina next time, not Ricky Ricardo. Unless that's your thing. Then go for it.

Clyde said...

Hang on, I'm just thinking about hot Latinas---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------oh----------------------oh---------------yeh--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------oh yeh----
Ok, I'm back----there must have been an interuption to my service.
Geez I just had to double my down load allowance just to keep me connected for the month---I'm still looking for Spiky's movie.
Now photos---yep, my email still works---you can send them

tehkorah said...

Wow, doubled, eh??
Well, now, that is definately putting in the extra effort, if I have ever seen it done.
I see that I am collecting a fan base of some men (albeit, probably for all the wrong reasons) who are seeking photos. I'm not a shy person--I have greatly grown out of that personal trait long ago... but I still keep a bare minimum of standards. That being said, I do believe in "tit for tat" ... ;)

And while we're at it, exactly WHICH movie have you been trying to find, hmmm??? I would soooo like to know... Spiky, suggestions?