Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I will live my life being happy in my skin; I will not break; I will be the shepard of my own soul. - Caro

I couldn't speak about my fears for a long time. But, as I turn my fears into realizations, I am able to confront them and use them to my advantage. I stopped beating myself up over how I feel about how I look. I'm happy to say that I am more comfortable in my own abilities, and that I will NEVER be perfect. Does that sound like a mantra? It is-- it's the mantra of a person with perfectionist problems. Say THAT five times fast! Agh.

I am not your perfect person, but I'm just right for me.

Now, I am more aware of the fact that I was trying to hard to be 'just right'... and every time I 'failed' it hurt so bad, because I was setting my goals so high that I could never realistically reach them. I spend time with my daughter, telling her all the time that I want her to do her best and be happy that she tried her hardest. No one is going to win all the time, despite what anyone thinks. It's a matter of a law of physics (maybe). :p

Now I am going for a 30 minute walk, not run, because I need some sunshine. ;*


Spiky Zora Jones said...
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Spiky Zora Jones said...

caro...sweetie you are such a wonderful soul. Whe you open yourself up...damn you shine. You're a bautiful flower in bloom.

You reach into my breat and you take hold of my heart and emotions. sweetie you are on hell of a writer...I'm glad you can express yourself so wonderfully...

honey...you believe in yourself...you are more than you think or know. And you are one wonderful mommy. I love that I know you...

have a fab rest of the week sweetie. xxx

tehkorah said...

Spiky~ Hun, I am always so happy to see you come around and check up on me. Thank you for your comments; they make me feel so good inside, knowing that I could move someone like you with my words.

Hey, you remember that you are wonderful too. :) Sending you lots of kisses> :*

Hope you've had a great week too! ;)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

yes honey...I'm doing good so far and I think god is starting to listen to me...a little. :)

later honey. xxx

Clyde said...

Hey looks are superficial.
As long as the dogs don't howl as you walk past and you don't frighten the neighbours children when you smile at them, then I'm guessing that you are the average person who takes a lifetime to work out that they actually look better than what they see in a mirror
Hey, I aint pretty but I cant worry about that cos I've got a life to live