Friday, July 10, 2009

"My Driving Force" or AKA- My Motivation

My Burning Light ; My Bright Flame ; My Reason for Breathing ...

My Beautiful Spark ; My Delightful Curiousity ; My Heart's Content!

Never a Caterpillar; Always a Butterfly...

My Heart Will Bleed when you fly Away...

If I Keep You Always, You would surely Wilt.

My Flower Blooms, but I must Water You.

Who would be upset if you could have such a wonderful daughter like mine?

She has been the best reason for me to feel better. I am so grateful for her in my life. She knows just how to cheer me up, and she tries harder than anyone else to do so. I know now more than ever why one's children are so dear... and my, she is a dear, for sure.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Oh my...she is a beautiful little girl. Oh...I want to kiss nose and hug her. And spoil her with toys.

Please give her a kiss and hug from me...please promise me you will.

She is adorable...i sometimes think...I should try for a girl. I always thought of shopping with my daughter. I never had one though...boys are still fun, but something in me wants a girl.


ciao baby.

tehkorah said...

Thank you! Everyone keeps saying she looks like a "little me", but she is more beautiful than that.
I never had blue eyes as a kid (though I did have lighter hazel eyes), which gives her almost an etheral quality.
When she sleeps, she reminds me of a little baby doll, and when she is awake she is like a fairy-- she is a little beauty flying (running) everywhere!

I promise, she'll get lots of kisses and hugs; I'll make sure to give her at least one of each from you. ;)

I would love to have a boy one day... I love the energy they have, and they like to play a lot rougher than girls, which I am used to--- having had two brothers, life was a constant wrestling match! :D

I know you are happy and feel blessed to have your boys. Hun, I think having another child is great, though it's hard to try to have one just to have a certain gender baby... Maybe you just need to watch a friend's little girl for a while and see how you feel.


A mother's love is a wonderful thing to see. It's nice to see parents appreciating the gifts that children are.

But do you ever give her a good smacking?

Be honest.


tehkorah said...

Yes, Uber; although only on Thursdays, when she is feeling a little froggy, trying to beat me up in her own little wrestling matches. It's never a hard smack though... :)

Just kidding! My little girl is spoiled, but the sweetest! :P