Sunday, August 17, 2008

Can I ask you some questions, Dear Bloggerdom?

Are we all alone in here? Are blogs "blase"? Are we out-of-date? Is it because no one likes to read anymore? Is my blog of no importance to anyone but to myself? Why is YouTube so addictive?

I can see the reasons behind starting something of the type, video-messaging of sorts; where instead of family and friends emailing pictures, they just set up a video and Voila! Only problem : Everybody that has a computer can possibly find and watch, for minutes and minutes of amusement, your friends and/or family acting either really boring or highly- retarded (usually the latter, and not in a disabled way, I mean just incredibly stupid.)

Either way, unless the posting is set up to block responses from EVERYONE other than said friends and family, there is also the lovely possibility of having comments from not-very-nice-at-all people displayed for everyone to see, like macabre captions under a very under-budgeted B Movie. No thank you.

Yes, I know what you might say ,"But Caro, there are really great vids on there that may never get a chance to be viewed publicly if not for sites that allow anyone to post." Great! No prob! Who am I to argue with "Tunak,Tunak Tune" , and the one with the incredibly flexy boy kicking himself in the head? Hilarious! All I am trying to get across is the idea of someone in another state, or (heavens) in the same town, seeing me try to cheer up a buddy while acting a fool on the Internet does not appeal to me.

And knowing my luck, I would probably not be funny until I do something to lose my balance (as usual), fall over myself, and land either smack on my face or flat on my bottom. Totally not on cue.
Wait, didn't I just see that on there yesterday?

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