Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I will live my life being happy in my skin; I will not break; I will be the shepard of my own soul. - Caro

I couldn't speak about my fears for a long time. But, as I turn my fears into realizations, I am able to confront them and use them to my advantage. I stopped beating myself up over how I feel about how I look. I'm happy to say that I am more comfortable in my own abilities, and that I will NEVER be perfect. Does that sound like a mantra? It is-- it's the mantra of a person with perfectionist problems. Say THAT five times fast! Agh.

I am not your perfect person, but I'm just right for me.

Now, I am more aware of the fact that I was trying to hard to be 'just right'... and every time I 'failed' it hurt so bad, because I was setting my goals so high that I could never realistically reach them. I spend time with my daughter, telling her all the time that I want her to do her best and be happy that she tried her hardest. No one is going to win all the time, despite what anyone thinks. It's a matter of a law of physics (maybe). :p

Now I am going for a 30 minute walk, not run, because I need some sunshine. ;*