Friday, July 10, 2009

"My Driving Force" or AKA- My Motivation

My Burning Light ; My Bright Flame ; My Reason for Breathing ...

My Beautiful Spark ; My Delightful Curiousity ; My Heart's Content!

Never a Caterpillar; Always a Butterfly...

My Heart Will Bleed when you fly Away...

If I Keep You Always, You would surely Wilt.

My Flower Blooms, but I must Water You.

Who would be upset if you could have such a wonderful daughter like mine?

She has been the best reason for me to feel better. I am so grateful for her in my life. She knows just how to cheer me up, and she tries harder than anyone else to do so. I know now more than ever why one's children are so dear... and my, she is a dear, for sure.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm going for "29" ... for the third time...

Yeah, It was my birthday.
Yea me.

You know, having a birthday right BEFORE our country's is a real anti-climatic kinda thing.
Sorta like having an anniversary just before Christmas.
(Making "hmph" face)
Everyone is so busy buying and setting off fireworks...and getting drunk...
To bad the doctor couldn't have waited ONE minute to make me a 4th baby, that would make things alot more interesting. Would make it so easy for everyone to just buy me fireworks, get my buzz on, or give me money. As it is, I got to see my family, which is great, really... but my best friend is up north to see the fireworks in NY with her mom, and everyone else gets a little distant/ vague about passing by (probably off getting hammered) so I get alot of phone calls.
Example: The one from a friend that lives nearby, who I've known for years, but you wouldn't know it by the phone conversation we had yesterday...
"Hey, girl, whaz up?"
"Oh, nothing much, just having my birthday today, is all."
"Oh, is that TODAY?"
"Yep, same day every year (little laugh here) ... are you coming by?"
"OHHH, um... (little pause) actually, was going to call you and see if you wanted to go to a Independence Day party (surprise surprise)... so, um, did you wanna go for a bit? You know, free bday drinks! (big hearty inappropriate laugh here)"
"Um, nooo... I have family coming over, but... maybe you could drop by for a little yourself?"
" I would... it's just..."
"Yeah, ok, no prob. I'll just catcha tomorrow, k?"
"Yeah! Yeah, definately! Ok, well... happy birthday!"
Ha. Well. So yeah. I'm glad I went to the movies today and had a good time of it;
my little girl makes up for all those posers anyhow... she was so sweet. She made me a beaded necklace that really looks good, I was so proud.
Hope my "buddy" was safe. But I hope if she drank too much, that she has a helluva hangover.
Anyways, folks. Have a Happy 4th and be safe out there.