Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mockingbird, Mockingbird...WHY oh why do I hear you now??

Do You know when you get that beautiful, quiet, serene moment when you feel like you can get so much done? It might not happen often, but it just needs to happen once....
No one is bugging you for your opinion on a trivial matter (sigh contentedly); night might be settling in and the world is shutting down (light trickle of rain popping on the tin roof of the patio porch sounds oh so nice) , preparing for another busy day just seems so far away that you let yourself relax?
It just feels so nice to have some time to myself....
---- and then suddenly there is this BIRD outside at 2:00 AM. Just SINGING away. And it won't go away?!? Tell me...

~~ Why, oh why, do I hear you RIGHT NOW Mockingbird???~~

It's not morning... no one is "attacking" ya dam nest. SO what the hey?!
And it's not just any ol' bird folks... oh no.
Couldn't be a lovely blue jay just saying<(think Justin Timberlake whispering...)
"Hey, we might be getting some rain tonight... just thought you folks should know... have a pleasant evening... (sweet melody)..."

Oh, no no. Not this one.

Ever complain about those wonderful little alarm devices in cars that go off sporadically? Try having a little mimicker outside your window that knows that tune all too well, singing it happily over and over for you, just you... because no one else is awake to hear it belt out:

AAARRRGH! Just for that I'm wishing the neighborhood cats will come back around and find you. Then we'll see who will be singing a happy-dappy lil' ol' tune, my feathered-fiendish foe.

hehe... oh gad, sleep-deprivation. No, please mockingbird, do be quiet soon. I need to rest.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New kid in school...again

So, for anyone interested in what I have been up to lately, I'm back. Yea.

Now that this exciting news has been broadcast, I should let you all know that I'm going back to school.

I just started again this Spring after a 7-year gap, and it's hard. I don't care how much someone might want to say, "Aw, is it really? Try working. It's harder" because I've worked hard for the last 14 years of my life, and I am ready for something new. I'm tired of going in day-to-day knowing that it's not ME making the big money, it's not MY company I'm working to build up or maintain, and if I leave I could just be replaced with someone else. That's a pretty sobering thought, but you know, I've seen it before many times. This is a harsh, brutal, competitive world. Period. Unless you have a"sugardaddy" ready and willing to pay for all your little bills, and people falling at your feet to give you things, well, your in this same group.

So what does this mean for me now? Long hours of reading and studying, many (MANY) reports, checking in to the email at least 3 times a week and getting my work turned in before the deadlines (it's online classes but you have to do things on time just like the regular classes). Yeah, I wish I would have gone back sooner, but I haven't sat on my butt the whole time. I just should have been more focused on my goal of owning my business at a younger age, and now I have to wait until I'm older and have repaired my poor credit. Oh the irony: I worked for a financial services company when I was the most broke.

I would recommend to anyone just getting out into the work field, to all those new college grads: stay home with your parents, save your money, and work as much as you can. Don't waste your money on stupid stuff that you don't need just to impress others. They REALLY don't care more than just being jealous, and you'll go broke easy. Just follow what REAL millionaires would do, which is to live within your means and be frugal.