Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have wandered....

... near and far; and occasionally, been led astray.

But my need to plot down the things that I have done, alas,
has yet to go away.

Been a long time since I blogged last... wonder what everyone has been up to....
Ah, yes... you all have been quite busy, I see. Well, now, that is good. I'm glad to report that I have been as well. Let's see, courses are coming along quite nicely. I'm entering into my second year with the same college, and excited to fill up my days with unending reading and posting. :P
My sweet little girl will be turning 9 in the next few months... also, very exciting. I'll be expected to produce a "bonanza" of a party, as usual, and with very little help from the peanut gallery (as usual).

Socially, I could be doing better. I have not been trying folks, I kid you not; but, I have managed to acquire a stalker of sorts. And he's hit me in the one medium I least expected: through text- messaging. Now , this might not be so new for some of you {either to the proficient text-stalkers out there, or the recipient of such immediate and indemnifying messaging}, but I am NOT one to use text very often.
SO, when I began receiving what seemed like harmless and rather friendly text from someone I just barely talked to before, I took it upon myself to be friendly in return. BIG MISTAKE. I should have read the "this man is going to continue to pester you like tics on a dog" manual for Stalker's Texting Etiquette, because I did not expect to receive 100 messages in 2 weeks!

That is just a WEE bit much for us non-texters, especially from one person. That I barely talked to. And did I add, met once?

Yes. I have a stalker. As long as he does not try to find out where I live, I should be okay. I hope.... Egads, I need a few suggestions on what to do.

Well, Bloggerdom, love to stay and chat, but this cat needs her sleep.