Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here's some food for thought....

Ok, more like 'words' than 'food', but you get the gist. I just want to try something new, and happily for me (ta-ta-da!), there's this lovely medium to hoar out as much as I choose to do... so I will.
Thank you, dear Bloggerdom.
Alrighty! Intro to post, done. I'm ready to move forward.

That being said, are you ready?

Here you go...

What do these words really mean to you?



Anybody? I'm sure someone gets it.... ah, there you go! :D

Yes, the mind is a terrible thing to waste; especially since, well, we only have one, right? Unless you're a micro-manager, then you hold several smaller minds in your sway, to control and subvert like zombies to your will-- as you please and... uh, well, I'm probably getting out of context, again.

( I tend to do that quite a bit.)
(Well, yes, I sigh a lot, too, but don't lose sight at this point, because, I, apparantly, can and will be distracted easily by... how did someone put it?)
(Oh, yes, I REMEMBER, 'small shiny objects' or baubles and men with incredible, superior intellect? Oh, yes, dear...poor little ol' me. Just a girl in the world... that's all that they'll let me be...)

I've come to realize several "truths" in life will only ever be if I allow them to be.

So, I choose not to let certain "truths", be. Follow? No? That's perfectly ok, too. This is my path, as I choose to live it and let others be. I do not need sheep; I am no shepard to anyone but myself. I will be, and that is that. It is only in the present in which I am eternal, as time and life passes through me. So, I will be. And that is that. What happens from here? I really don't know; but, I can tell you... it's going to be an experience.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sorry Bloggerdom... Can you SEE me now??

I have to apologize.... for my Internet connection issues. It's like a bad relationship with someone that you know you shouldn't be with, but you continue to put up with for lack of having someone else to turn to... and when you finally get into that other "great" relationship that you know is just what you need, it only gets worse. So much for looking forward to better service...

Hey Service Provider: What do I need to do to get some REAL service around here?
*Flashes more than just a smile*

I know that it's my responsibility to return when I stated that I would. I should not try to make a commitment without confirming with my service provider. Such a tight leash that I am on...
Still trying to figure out--why there are times that I can connect and seem like I have no problems, then be completely disconnected the next? Funny how MAAN put it, and I'll apologize beforehand if it's not an exact quote: the day when we no longer have computer connection issues is the day when we can all connect on a psychic level.

In that case, I shall try to make do without getting fired for thinking indiscrete thoughts before an online meeting.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Realized even with the "Fall Back"...

... it's too late at night to post. 4:30 AM--- would have been 5:30? WHY am I still awake? Oh yeah...
Promised a few posts to some special people, so I won't disappoint.
Come back.... probably, later today!
Here's hoping these plans don't go to poop too...